We know there are many obstacles in managing your Estate Preparedness work such as:

  • Keeping track of Disaster Preparedness needs and current inventory
  • Knowing what supplies are about to expire
  • Knowing where your equipment and supplies are located
  • Defining and managing tasks you have to complete
  • Accessing your personal property inventory if a disaster has displaced you for insurance purposes
  • Easy access to information by your family

Our website enables you to overcome these obstacles and more in a secure, on-line environment accessible from anywhere you have internet access.

Estate Planning Features
  • Estate Planning Checklist – List of the documents and tasks needed to complete your estate planning. You can start with the Checklist items that come with your site and add or modify to suit your needs. You can record document locations for future reference.
  • Estate Preparedness Forms – Library of editable PDF forms and spreadsheets that help you document personal estate information like accounts, assets, communications etc.
  • Estate Wiki – Wiki library for you to store notes, thoughts, plans and ideas that concern your estate and your life.

Home Management Features

  • Property Inventory – List for maintaining your personal property. 
  • Property Disposition – Views and Discussion Boards to manage the disposition of your property
  • Maintenance List for scheduling and recording maintenance performed on your personal property or home.
  • Parts – List for documenting spark plugs, filters and other replaceable parts on your Property Items.
  • Projects and Tasks – Lists for managing the work concerning your estate.

Disaster Preparedness Features


  • Disaster Preparedness Checklist– Tool that helps you assess your current level of preparedness and define the level that you want to achieve. Enables you to define the supplies and equipment needed for Disaster Preparation.
  • Supply and Property Needs  – Define needed disaster preparedness supplies, equipment, plans and training.
  • Event Tasks – List to manage the tasks to perform for disasters and emergencies like tornados, hurricanes, floods and evacuation.

Inventory Management

  • Supply Inventory – Current inventory of supplies designated for disaster preparedness. Several views including what is about to expire.
  • Property Inventory – View of Property items designated for disaster preparedness.


  • Needs – Shows Disaster Prep Supplies and Property needs.
  • Inventory – Shows current supplies and property items for Disaster Preparation.
  • Supplies – Shows needed and current inventory of Disaster Prep Supplies.
  • Property – Shows needed and current inventory of Disaster Prep Property.

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