Being prepared for disasters, emergencies and end of life ensures that your family can survive and thrive when dealing with tough circumstances.

Although being prepared is important to you, we understand why you are not.

  • Lack of knowledge on Preparedness
  • Not sure where to start
  • Do not have the time to research
  • Overwhelmed with the things to do

With our on-site services we guide you through the obstacles and make it easy to reach your preparedness goals. With our assessments and checklists we help you create a plan AND get the work done.

Our On-Site Services

  • Estate Planning Documentation – We review your status and help you create a customized checklist of tasks for completing your estate planning. We provide forms to record valuable information about your estate such as document locations, accounts, physical assets, digital assets etc. We scan and copy all of your important estate documents like Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Directives etc. and store them on two encrypted USB drives.

  • Personal Property Inventory – We create an inventory of all of your personal property with pictures and video and record a detailed list of the items into your Estate Preparedness Website for insurance purposes, downsizing, estate distribution and disaster preparedness efforts.

  • Disaster Preparedness Assessment, Education, and Procurement– We help you assess your preparedness level, provide educational resources, define goals and create a detailed list of supplies, equipment, plans and training that you need. We then assist in procurement of supplies and equipment to best suit your needs, suggest training resources and help you start on your emergency plans.

  • Estate Preparedness Portfolio – After performing the services above, we put together your personal Estate Preparedness Portfolio that contains digital copies of all content and printed copies of the most important documentation, organized in a binder or attaché of your choice. This portfolio makes it easy for you to evacuate when a disaster is impending and for executors when dealing with your estate.
  • Concierge Content Management * – We know you are busy and it is hard to keep you inventory and maintenance information up to date so CribSteward can do that for you. Simply send us an email with a description and a picture and we will add to your inventory for you.

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* Available with the Tier 2 membership to our Estate Preparedness Website. See the Website Features page for info on the features you can utilize.