You have worked hard and smart to get where you are. You enjoy luxuries and are blessed with the resources to enjoy the world and all it has to offer. But have you ensured that your family can survive and thrive when a disaster strikes?

Not having a property inventory if a fire, flood, tornado or hurricane destroys your home will leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed when dealing with your insurance company.

Not taking steps to prepare for disasters and emergencies, even small ones, will leave you feeling vulnerable and distressed when an event happens.

Our subconscious thinking does not want to deal with things that are not immediate or certain and it makes the majority of our decisions. Logically it makes sense to prepare but you have to get past the subconscious thinking.

You got past this non-logical thinking when you purchased insurance for your home, car, health and life for uncertain events in the future. If you get past the subconscious thinking and start preparing for disasters and emergencies, you will feel peace of mind, reassured and thankful you did when a disaster strikes.

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