With our experience, services and products, CribSteward guides you on your preparedness journey to ensure that your family can survive and thrive after disasters. This guidance provides you with the following outcomes:

Estate Documentation Outcomes

  • Estate documented and backed up in multiple places.
  • Property Inventory documented in your own secured website.
  • Estate Preparedness Portfolio created for evacuation.
  • Your executor and heirs have everything they need to manage the disposition of your estate.

Disaster Preparedness Outcomes

  • Your family is prepared with supplies and equipment to weather out the disasters you have planned for.
  • Your family is more skilled and knowledgeable on living with and through a disaster.
  • You have a Supply and Equipment Inventory for continued management of your resources.
  • Your family is more safe, secure and prepared to handle disaster situations. 
  • You have organized resources to help you get home or evacuate when the need arises.

Emergency Planning Outcomes

  • You have plans on how to react to potential events that will disrupt your life.
  • Your family knows what to do, when to do it and how when specific events happen.
  • Your family will have less anxiety and fear when they have to act in an emergency situation.

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