When you need a flashlight, you don’t have many different design options to choose from. There hand held, headlamps, lantern style and flexible work lights that let you hang them in places to see better. Flashlights have certainly got better over the years especially with the incorporation of the LED bulb but the design of a single bulb throwing light right in front of you has not changed. It has now with the One80 Headlamp.


I love stories of entrepreneurs having a problem and resolving to build a product or service that solves it. This is one of those stories and a good one.

I was listening to my favorite marketing podcast, Small Business Big Marketing by Tim Reid, where he was interviewing Ammon Arrave, the owner of One80 Light. Interesting story. You should listen to the podcast but the highlight is that Ammon had a side business cleaning porta pottys in the evening and the headlamps they were using were not sufficient for the job.

They had plenty of light to see right in front of them but their peripheral vision was hindered. Ammon knew there had to be a better way and that’s where the idea for the One80 light came into being. Ammon didn’t know anything about design and manufacturing but that didn’t keep him from pursuing the idea. After researching, learning and a successful Kickstarter campaign, One80 has become the first 180 degree peripheral headlamp in the world.  I reached out to Ammon and he agreed to send me a One80 to review and I was not disappointed.

The One80 Light

We all know that headlamps beat handheld flashlights in a lot of situations because your hands are free to do work but the light is limited to what you are looking at. The One80 resolves that.

With 180 degrees of light, the One80 has a wide range of applications. Outdoor enthusiasts who like camping, hiking, and fishing will all find this light helpful when the sun goes down. Runners are a large segment of purchasers at this point and with suggestions from customers, Ammon created a belt that the light can be attached to that provides 180 degrees of light that doesn’t move with your head. Pretty smart and responsive to his customers.

Other uses include doing plumbing in your house or working on your vehicle at night. Most any task that a head lamp is good for, the One80 can do it better due to the peripheral light.

The One80 would also be very helpful with search and rescue efforts for Emergency Services and neighborhood CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams). You can purchase the One80 with a Helmet Headband.

In thinking about its application, I certainly saw how this would be a fantastic addition to the lighting capabilities for anyone that is in to preparedness. I don’t think it will replace your hand held or head lamps but think about how nice it would be to have 180-degree visibility in and outside of your home when the electricity is out. If you have dealt with the electricity being out at night the head lamps are a great way to get around in the house but you still find that you need other light sources like candles or lanterns to light up a room you are working in. The One80 will certainly help with that.

The one situation where the One80 would not beat handheld or headlamp is when you need to see more than 50 feet away. So, looking for intruders out in the yard or wooded area or searching ahead for things would be better suited for a good high-powered, single LED headlamp or handheld flashlight. I would say that even in those situations having a high-powered headlamp or handheld and the One80 on a Trek Belt around your waist gives you distance and peripheral light at the same time. An excellent combination. That is how I will be using it.

Equipment Details

  • The One80 has 16 LED lights on a band that attaches via Velcro to the headband, Trek Belt (for your waist) or the Helmet Headband.

  • The band and battery pack are easy to remove to switch between the head/helmet band and the belt.

  • The Headband, Trek Belt and Helmet Headband can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

  • It has 360 lumens that put out light in 180 degrees for about 50ft.

  • It has three modes: High, Low and Flash. The battery lasts 3 hours on high, 7+ hours on low and 20+ hours on Flash.

  • It has one button that is easy to feel for on the battery pack that alternates the modes.

  • The light comes with a rechargeable, 1800mA battery pack that is IPX7 Waterproof which means it can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. That is pretty impressive.

  • The headband and the belt were very easy to adjust. I did not test the Helmet Headband but assume it would be the same ease of adjustment.


I did some basic non-scientific testing and the results are as follows:

Went out toward a wooded area near our home and first used a single LED headlamp that had 300 lumens. This certainly wasn’t enough light for looking out through the trees but lit a decent amount right in front of me. I turned it off and put on the One80 and switched it on. I was impressed with what a huge difference there was in what I could see around me. It threw a little more light because it has 350 lumens but the main thing was what I could see in my peripheral vision without turning my head.

In walking through the woods, the ability to see 180 degrees was even more valuable. I was able to keep looking forward without having to move my head to see if there were any critters on either side.

Back inside my house I went to the bathroom and opened up the cabinet under the sink. The regular headlamp did ok but when I moved my head part of the pipes that I would be working on were a little darker. I put on the One80 and it was a big difference. When I move my head or position of my shoulders, there was still plenty of light going everywhere in the cabinet. I took the light off my head and laid it on my chest and it still lit up the entire cabinet.


I was really impressed with the difference 180 degrees of light made outside and inside and highly recommend adding this to your preparedness equipment.

Ammon has offered preppers a 10% discount by using the code PREPAREONE8010. I suggest you check out the information on his website and review the different accessories and bundles that they offer. This would make a good Christmas gift for your family that adds value to your preparedness efforts.

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