Hi, my name is Chip Feck and I am the founder and CEO of CribSteward LLC. My company helps homeowners document their estate and prepare for disasters and emergencies. Daily we face threats that could undermine our way of life and I want to help you be prepared to meet the challenges that your family will face.

Along with the products and services that the company provides, I will also be using this blog to help guide you on your preparedness journey.  I will blog about Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Planning, documenting your estate and provide some valuable information that will help educate you on:

  • Setting goals, creating plans, and getting the work done
  • Important equipment and supplies
  • Training and skills that you need
  • Organizing and managing preparedness work, equipment and supplies
  • Current events and threats as they relate to preparedness

Some of the first topics that I plan to write about include:

  • Estate Preparedness – What is it?
  • The Importance of a Personal Property Inventory
  • Documenting Your Estate
  • Overview of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Planning
  • Current risks we are facing and the magnitude of their effects on our lives such as:
    • Pandemics
    • Long Term Power Outages
    • Economic and Political Instability
  • Recent Disasters and Issues Around Recovery
  • Evacuation vs Bugging Out
  • Lighting Kits
  • Sanitation After a Disaster
  • Your Digital Legacy

Some of the posts will be introductory and some will dive a bit deeper into the different areas of preparedness.  You will benefit from the past several years I have spent learning about preparedness and I will share important and relevant resources from experts in the preparedness community.

From time to time I may also have guest bloggers that are experts in different areas to further your knowledge and skills. I will also provide reviews of other websites, blogs and resources that I feel are valuable for you.

I hope you sign up to receive notices of new posts and follow along as I provide guidance that can move you forward on your preparedness journey.

Learn more about our Products and Services that help you prepare and fill out the Contact form if you have any questions or are ready for us to help you.

Have a blessed day!