Covid-19 Pandemic

We are still in the middle of this pandemic and depending on who you talk to it is either starting to level off a bit, it is not as bad as everyone is saying or we haven’t seen the worst yet. I tend to think it is the latter but time will tell. Regardless of where we are, I wanted to share some thoughts on the Covid-19 Preparedness Assessment for myself and the nation.

My Preparedness Assessment

I am fairly well prepared in a lot of areas but dealing with the pandemic has exposed some big gaps in my preparedness supplies and mindset. Some I knew about and just hadn’t dealt with and others had not really occurred to me.

  • I have a lot of medical supplies for dealing with wounds but medication for cold/flu symptoms and pain relief were no where near where they needed to be. Since the preparedness community was talking about the pandemic in early January, we were able to stock up on medicines long before people started grabbing everything at the stores. I’ll make sure I have plenty of that stuff from here on out.

  • I have plenty of Nitrile Gloves and some Surgical Masks but only a few N95s. I did not have any disposable coveralls or face shields to deal with worst case scenarios.

  • I had not thought about sanitizing shoes before entering the front door or how important sanitizer was when you are out and about.

  • I have two months of expenses in savings but I now see that this may not be near enough if a pandemic strangles the economy and mass layoffs start happening.  I’m blessed to be able to continue working from home and am very sad for those that can’t.

  • Stores being out of food and other products has reminded me that I’m not self-sufficient at all. Not many people are but it’s not making me feel any better. We have recently moved to another state and are in an apartment until we can find a house. There is no place to grow any food here and I would imagine that hardly anyone in the complex has more than a week or two worth of supplies. There are a couple of areas where a community garden could be created but it is not enough room to grow food for everyone. I doubt that it could be secured anyway.

My Mental Preparedness

  • A few times I got a bit angry at friends for not listening to me months and months ago but the Holy Spirit has convicted me each time.  Those of us that are preparing need to show grace and hope that this experience has enlightened them. Some are getting it, others not so much.

  • I let the news and social media posts overwhelm me for a while. Once I figured out it was really going to spread there was no use dwelling on it. I just started scanning past things and spending my mental energy playing out scenarios on how to deal with issues and documenting lessons learned.

  • For a while I continued to share the negative news with family members who couldn’t compartmentalization issues.  This just increased their anxiety.  Sometimes you have to choose what you share.

  • There are so many things that I didn’t take time to learn. Wasted too much time on Netflix. This caused some stress but I have committed to setting goals and will hopefully follow through.

  • I am pretty much an introvert. I certainly can open up after I get to know someone but generally it is a quick hello, how you doing as I pass by. I really don’t know many of my neighbors, what they might be in need of and what they could contribute. I don’t have their phone numbers or email addresses and am now a bit hesitant to knock on their door since I don’t know whether they are taking things seriously. I will start rectifying that this week.

  • I wasn’t prepared for the shock of seeing the empty grocery store shelves even though I have read many stories about Venezuela and prepper fiction. The fear of missing out (FOMO) hit me and I went from buying a couple of needed things to spending over $200 on extra supplies. They were things that will be used but we could have done without them for a couple of weeks. I was surprised by the FOMO that hit me. That is not usual for me.

Our Country’s Preparedness

  • The virus has confirmed the common prepper understanding that the vast majority of people in the country are not prepared for a disaster such as this. We (preppers in general) have been preparing for such an event but it is sad and worrisome to see that most people have not even thought about it. This also confirms the next common prepper thought that we will have to defend ourselves from those that have not prepared. The crime has just started in Italy.

  • A big lesson that has been confirmed is how much the global economy has made the effects of a pandemic much worse than it should be. Sure, it has been nice to get inexpensive goods at the local Walmart that purchases a lot of its inventory from China but we now see the price we are paying for moving our manufacturing capacity overseas. Hopefully our leadership will address this soon.

  • It is too early to tell how bad or how well the current administration is handling the pandemic. I know, if you are on the left you think Trump is doing a terrible job and if you are on the right you think he is doing a great job. I don’t think either are totally correct but hopefully this and future administrations will spend time and resources on lessons learned. There is obviously a lot of room for improvement.

  • As usual our main stream media is part of the problem not part of the solution. If there is something that they can scare us with or divide us on, you can bet they will run it into the ground. I know that most of the media is left leaning and half the country doesn’t like Trump, but a crisis is no time for partisan bickering and politicizing.  Where are the stories of people doing good things, people helping people, leaders stepping up outside of politics to work towards a solution? I know there are some examples of this being reported but it is a small minority.

  • I’m embarrassed and angered by those on the far left and far right that cast blame, politicize everything and share half-truths on social media that simply fuel the division in our country. If the left and right had acted like this in the 1940s, we might be speaking German today. We obviously aren’t the greatest generation. Instead of arguing we should be coming together to help solve problems and work towards being prepared for the next pandemic.

  • Since very few people are prepared, empty groceries and pharmacies were bound to happen. I have seen several posts about how people should not be buying more than a week’s worth of food at a time so that everyone can find what they need.  How preppers are hoarders and should be ashamed. Really? People are surprised at the runs on supplies? People are surprised at the unprepared people (not preppers) that are hoarding at the stores? It would be nice to think that everyone is going to share but when it comes down to it people are going to take care of their own. It is called survival. It will happen with every pandemic unless we all start getting prepared ahead of time and help others to prepare.

The Future Conclusion 

This will not be the last pandemic. There will be more and they will likely be worse. So, what will you do after you and the country recover? Have you learned that preppers are not the nut jobs you saw on Dooms Day Preppers and that they are not hoarders? Will you fall back into complacency bias and assume the government is going to take care of you? Will you learn that you need to stayed prepared and not just try to stock up before everyone else hits the stores? I hope so, for all of us.

I would appreciate any comments on how you are faring, what you have learned so far and what your plans are in the future to be better prepared.

BUT, I don’t want comments with political rants. I won’t approve them.  You have wastebook for that 😊 !

Have a blessed day!

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  • Andrew Parks

    Excellent points. Those of us who are preppers have to find the balance between OPSEC and helping our neighbors. That’s a difficult line to straddle and one that each of us has to determine for ourselves. I did find some holes in my preps that will be shored up once the supply lines are back up to full capacity.

  • Chudnee Marie

    Many excellent points. I have been prepping for several years, and found I was well prepared for natural disasters. However, a long period pandemic was not on my radar. So far, things are going well, but I can see upcoming problems in the not to distant future. So far, biggest anticipated problem will be running out of prescription drugs. In agreement that we need more positive feedback from SMS, people are not following shelter in recommendations, will be reactive when force will be in place, but ignore the facts now.

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